Duralite Industries manufacture EVA floats for Purse Seine and Gill Nets.

Duralite Industries is pioneer in making best quality plastic components in South Maharashtra. We make all the plastic accessories in different materials such as HDPE , PP, Nylon , PET, ABS , SAN , Acrylic , Polystyrene , PVC etc. We also manufacture EVA floats for commercial and private applications. EVA Floats are known for their quality and strength.

We manufacture:
☛ EVA Floats
☛ Gill Net Floats
☛ Purse Seine Fishing Floats

E.V.A floats are manufactured from Ethylene Viny Acetate (E.V.A) which is superior compared to other material and have an excellent elasticity.

Why Choose US

We at Duralite Industries, manufacture the best quality products. We design and provide the products as per customer requirements.
All the products undergo testing procedures after production.

Duralite Industries manufactures Floats using Injection-moulding Machines. These are way better than the conventional Compression-moulded Floats and offer more durability.

Duralite Industries being the pioneer of EVA Fishing Floats in India is also the largest manufacturer of EVA Fishing Floats in India.
Whilst meeting the local demand, Duralite Industries is also the largest exporter of EVA Fishing Floats from India. (By Quantity)

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