'DuraSafe is the Road Safety Project of Duralite. These Roller Barriers can be installed on dangerous curves on highways as well as city roads. They can be attached on medians as well. The DuraSafe Roller Barrier is a complete life-saving equipment and necessary for the modern world.

The DuraSafe Roller Barrier System is able to significantly minimize a number of vehicle accidents and tremendously reduce victims of vehicle collision to road barriers by converting shock energy of collided vehicles to rotational energy with rollers made chemical compounds.
DuraSafe uses the best quality EVA Rollers for the shock absorption.

The product is flame retardant and recyclable. Adding or removing rollers can adjust the barrier for complete suitability to any landscape.

The latest design of safety roller crash barrier systems reduces repair, replacement and maintenance costs, compared to existing traditional crash barriers.'


Safety Roller Barrier Highway Guardrail
Absorb the impact energy Do not absorb the impact energy
Converts the Impact Energy (Kinetic) into Rotational Energy Does not convert the energy
Keeps the vehicle on the Road and avoids Flipping of the vehicle May not keep the vehicle on the Road. Chance of Guardrail penetrating into the car
Bright Yellow coloured and Easily visible during the day as well as night Metallic coloured and not easily visible during day and night.
Low maintenance after accidents. High maintenance after accidents.
Car not overthrown off the road or does not suddenly stop the car on impact. Car might be overthrown or stopped suddenly causing large damage.